Ungarn: Gesetz gegen Obdachlose ab heute in Kraft – Kunstaktion

Seit heute, dem 15. Oktober 2013, ist in jenes widerliche Gesetz in Kraft getreten, das obdachlose Menschen per se kriminalisiert. Das Übernachten in der Öffentlichkeit ist jetzt strafbar.

Dazu erreichte mich heute die Bitte einer Initiative von Künstler_innen, ihre öffentliche Aktion gegen dieses Gesetz bekannt zu machen. Das tue ich hiermit gerne.

“The ‘Crime scene’ is a public art project aiming to draw attention to the new Hungarian law that criminalizes homelessness. We took the victim’s contour image from thriller scenes to visualize the deadly effects of such inhuman legislation.

Eight artists pasted down white insulating-tape contours around each other on a roofed passage-way’s pavement in Budapest, where many homeless people used to find their shelter.

As the new law come into effect today (15.10.2013), they become indictable there. The act of laying down on the pavement is a substantial part of the realization: thus one could invest him- or herself for a few minutes in a character of a wanting person.

We believe public space belongs to all of us, and banning poor people to be there is a crime.

photos: Balázs Nagy & Füsun Ipek – they are available here too: http://waschmaschinegruppe.com/galeria/23/tetthely-tatort

more info about the new law:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-24347061

Please help us to raise awareness by sharing this work!

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